Vinolok – FAQ

What type of beverages are most suitable for Vinolok?
Vinolok is suitable for still wines, spirits, still water, oils and vinegar. (Vinolok is not suitable for carbonated drinks.)
Does the Vinolok closure come in more than one size?
The Vinolok closure comes in a wide range of sizes. You can select from sizes fitting bottlenecks of 17.5mm, 18.2mm, 18.5mm, 21.5mm and 23mm.
Does Vinolok fit into all bottles?
Vinolok is compatible with a wide range of standard European bottles. Refer to the recommended bottle lists for guidance.
What are the design options?
Vinolok offers many designs and colour options, and the opportunity to customise according to your brand requirements. Refer to the product ranges available.
What OTR values does the Vinolok glass closure reach?
The OTR values are around 0.0026ml oxygen / day. This data can be further reviewed in the AWRI research.
Have the Vinolok closures been extensively tested?
The Vinolok closures have been tested in accordance with food safety regulations as well as in oenological institutions such as the Geisenheim research institute in Germany and the AWRi in Austrlai.
Is Vinolok suitable for bottling red wines and vintage wines?
Yes. A number of our customers use Vinolok for the bottling of red wines. The oldest, great wines ageing under Vinolok date back to 2003 and 2005 ( Schloss Vollrads, Henschke, JB. Becker and others)
Is there a way to decrease the level of oxygen in a bottle?
There are two ways to decrease oxygen levels in a bottle: first by regulating the headspace in the bottle, and secondly by using an inert gas.
Is it possible to use glass closures on an automated filling line?
Vinolok can be simply applied by hand capping, through to its application on semi automated and automated lines,
Is it safe to use the Vinolok closure?
Vinolok is subject to strict output inspection, testing its resilience, safety and flawless functionality. Using the right technology ensures that there is no risk of the glass chipping or breaking during bottling, storage or transportation. Tests conducted by VLB Berlin certifies Vinolok’s endurance.