Columbit was registered in 1938. The late Mr Ernest Zeh zehfamilyemigrated from Germany to South Africa founded Columbit in 1937. With his first hand knowledge of the latest overseas production techniques Ernest soon realized that the local wine industry was poised for great exposure.

At the time; when compared with European wine producing countries such as France and Germany, the South African wine industry was still rather primitive in its use of equipment.

The prospect of exports; encouraged many producers to invest in new technology and chemicals; to simplify and improve operations. With the consumer shift from Brandy to Natural wine; local wine producers urgently required methods to control fermentation and filtration; so that good quality white wines could be made.

Machinery imported and later manufactured by Columbit helped in the production of many excellent wines.

Over the years the company has maintained its commitment to the wine industry with Columbit Staff members traveling abroad to remain current with trends and innovative production methods.

Columbit is the only company supplying the wine industry who was already in production 74 years ago.

Today Columbit is a diversified operation representing European Principles supplying top quality consumables and equipment to the Wine, Food and Beverage industries. All divisions are backed by first class staff, technical support, service and spares.

Currently; we have 130 employees with offices in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.