MANE's Flavours provide the food and drink industry with cutting-edge solutions to a wide spectrum of taste challenges: from creating unique organoleptic experiences to enhancing taste perceptions or covering off-tastes.
Combined with an unrivalled knowledge of natural raw materials, Mane’s cutting-edge flavours, seasoning blends and a unique expertise for designing sweet to savoury products ensure that Mane brings you the best of nature.

MANE masters the different flavour forms: liquid, powder, granules, capsules, paste, adjusting the formulation to the requirements of customer’s processes and market regulations.

MANE innovation efforts focus on 4 research platforms:

  • PURE CAPTURETM natural solutions
  • SENSE CAPTURETM flavour solutions for taste sensations
  • N-CAPTURETM encapsulation solutions
  • TREND CAPTURETM creative solutions for changing consumers

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