Vinolok – Over Seals & Application

Over Seals

All Vinolok stoppers require an over seal to ensure the stopper is tamper evident and held in place during transport.

Recommended over seals are as follows:


Stopper Size Over Seal Supplier
18.2mm Vinolok Short Aluminium Capsule or
Vinolok Roll on Capsule
Supplied by Vinolok
17.5mm, 18.5mm, 21.5mm, 22mm and 23mm Polylaminate, tin or aluminium roll on capsules or
Shrink Capsules
Sourced from any local supplier of choice.



For small production runs, you can select a manual application of the Vinolok closure. For larger production runs, major producers of bottling machines offer solutions in the form of both semi-automated and fully automated production lines. Full automation can be implemented into existing lines or by using a free-standing machine.

Examples of automated bottling with Vinolok can be seen below.